Carbon Capture and Storage won’t save coal & is a waste of money and a waste of time: Bandt

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today slammed suggestions that taxpayer funds from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation should be used to fund Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Since 2003, according to The Australia Institute , over $1.3 billion has been wasted on this unicorn technology – money that should have been spent on clean, green, proven renewable energy technology.

“Turnbull is digging up Kevin Rudd’s old thought bubble from 11 years ago to spruik a technology that is always 10 years away from being viable,” said Mr Bandt.

“10 years ago CCS technology was 10 years away and 10 years later it’s still 10 years away. Redirecting funding from commercially viable clean energy technology towards CCS is as commercially sensible as investing in a chain of Blockbuster stores.

“Even Ian MacFarlane, coal-hugging former Liberal Minister and now head of the Queensland Resources Council, is reported as saying that Carbon Capture and Storage will ‘not materialise for 20 years, and probably never.’

“The International Energy Agency has made it clear that the overwhelming majority of pollution cuts will come from renewables and energy efficiency, so that’s where our money should be going.”


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