CSIRO censorship needs to stop: Bandt

CSIRO censorship needs to stop

Greens Science and Climate Change spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, said revelations regarding CSIRO curbing of climate scientists' public communications is deeply disturbing.

Mr Bandt called on the Turnbull government and CSIRO management to remove the gag from scientists and ensure they are able to give frank and fearless advice.

"This is an appalling situation. CSIRO scientists need their gag removed," Mr Bandt said.

"What is the point of CSIRO if it is not able to contribute to discussions about policy and direction for the country?

"The Turnbull government needs to make clear that CSIRO scientists should be free to give frank and fearless advice.

"This is an insidious form of climate denial which says scientists should do their work but then shut up about it.

"Government Budget cuts have contributed to this situation by putting pressure on CSIRO management to not make waves.

"The Greens want to see an increase to CSIRO funding in next week's Budget.”

The Greens will question the CSIRO executive regarding the bans in Budget Estimate hearings immediately following the release of next week's Budget.

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