Greens seek Federal override of Vic Labor decision to extend brown coal: Bandt

Greens seek Federal override of Vic Labor decision to extend brown coal: Bandt

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that Daniel Andrews' decision to extend the life of Victoria's brown coal will contribute to more deaths and that the Greens will pursue legislation in Commonwealth parliament  to overrule the Victorian Government's extension.
"Keeping brown coal in the system until 2048 starts putting the world’s Paris Agreement goals out of reach," said Mr Bandt.
"To meet the Paris Agreement goal of less than two degrees of global warming, Australia needs to close the equivalent of one Hazelwood a year between now and 2030.
“Labor’s coal-hugging will make global warming worse and contribute to more deaths.
“You can't say you believe in climate change and then run a protection racket for big coal.
"Daniel Andrews is now channelling Tony Abbott.
“The Greens will push for a federally legislated phase-out of all coal-fired power stations by 2030 to override this rogue state government.”

Victorian Greens spokesperson for climate change and energy, Ellen Sandell MLA said:

"Energy minister Lily D'Ambrosio admits climate change is happening, yet her Government is totally committed to burning even more fossil fuels. It's as if Labor doesn't understand the connection between climate change and emissions from burning fossil fuels."
"Victoria can lead the country on renewable energy, we have the natural resources and the technology. All we need is the political will."

“People will be rightly angry and disappointed that Dan Andrews and his Labor Government are extending the life of our most polluting brown coal plants and opening up our coast to gas drilling. This is irresponsible and dangerous and Labor should be ashamed that they’re capitulating to fossil fuel interests rather than protecting us from climate change.” 


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