Australia’s Pacific climate cop out a new low: Bandt

Australia’s Pacific climate cop out a new low: Bandt

The Prime Minister’s latest round of climate denial is a new low and is rightly being questioned by Pacific Island leaders, Greens climate and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt said.

According to reports, the Pacific Island Forum meeting in Nauru is set to endorse a communique that in part describes climate change as the 'single greatest threat to the livelihoods, security and well-being' of Pacific Islands.

“Our neighbours are calling us out,” said Mr Bandt.

“Scott Morrison is continuing Australia’s climate failure in the Pacific. First he snubs the Pacific Island leaders, then he ignores their pleas on climate change by refusing to have a policy to meet the Paris Agreement goals. Meanwhile, he wants to make public funds available for new coal fired power stations.”

“Fresh from giving the middle finger to farmers on climate change and the drought, the new PM is trying to spin his way out of Australia’s betrayal of Pacific Islanders who face losing their countries.”

“Pacific islands are facing an existential threat from climate change, but in a new low the Australian government is threatening their lives by actively making global warming worse.”

“No wonder the Pacific is looking to China, who regardless of everything else, has a solid position in acknowledging the climate threat.”

“Once again, Pacific Islanders’ are being held hostage to the climate deniers who have moved from the backbench to the Lodge and the Cabinet.”

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