High Court ruling means right to strike at risk

High Court ruling means right to strike at risk

Greens industrial relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that the judgement handed down by the High Court in the case between ESSO and the AWU has highlighted the flaws in the Fair Work Act which must be fixed.

“As wages flatline and penalty rates are cut, this decision will corrode people’s rights at work even further,” said Mr Bandt.

“We have a rigged economy in this country, where big corporations get Labor and Liberal to write laws that will boost their bottom line, including a Fair Work Act that strips people of their right to bargain for fair wages and conditions.

“After this judgement, the law must be changed to protect the internationally recognised right to strike.

“The dissenting judgement of Justice Gageler rightly notes that the ruling means workers now have next to no rights to take industrial action.

"The Greens will explore how best to bring the Fair Work Act in line with international law, including whether a private member’s bill can fix the problem.”

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