10 Days

One in six women experience family and domestic violence. It contributes to death, disability, illness and homelessness for women and their children. The time has come for Parliament to act. The Greens have put forward a bill to legislate for 10 days’ of paid family and domestic violence leave.

Call on Malcolm Turnbull to get behind this bill.   

800,000 women in work have experienced sexual or family violence. The estimated cost of family and domestic violence to the economy is $12.6 billion per year. 44 women were killed in 2017.

Right now, we’re experiencing an extraordinary and long overdue moment in history. More than ever before, the deep problem with the way that men view and treat women is at the forefront of a national and global conversation. Our Parliament cannot change and solve this problem overnight. Parliament cannot prevent family and domestic violence from occurring. But one thing we can do is make laws that support people who experience it.

The time for excuses is over. We can take an important step forward by legislating for a minimum of 10 days' paid family and domestic violence leave. 


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