Bandt supports Webb Dock community protest

Bandt supports Webb Dock community protest

Greens’ employment spokesperson, Adam Bandt, today offered support to the community protest at Webb Dock and said it highlighted that Australia’s labour laws were broken.

“Australia is fast becoming a place where companies can use the full force of the law to avoid bargaining with workers over fair wages and conditions,” said Mr Bandt.


“When workers claim a union member has been sacked for standing up for their rights, the response shouldn’t be court orders and threats from the employer.

“VICT should sit down with its workers to sort this out. It’s time to negotiate, not litigate.

“When the law can be used to avoid resolving a dispute by negotiation, the law is broken and must be fixed. 

“It’s no wonder the community has turned up in numbers to show its support. We’ve got a rigged economy where big corporations use their political influence to write laws that protect profits at the expense of working people.”

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