New Finkel report shows government renewables war is built on lies

New Finkel report shows government renewables war is built on lies

Greens climate and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP says the new Finkel report on energy storage released today shows Malcolm Turnbull’s war on renewables is built on lies.

Mr Bandt said the report also highlights the need for the Greens’ policy of a national plan for energy storage, including a storage target and investment in the export opportunities of solar fuels.

The report reinforces that in the medium term, large amounts of renewable energy do not need large investments in storage, but that Australia risks losing out on export opportunities and more investment in renewables without a longer term plan for the storage industry.

“The new Finkel report shows Turnbull’s war on renewables is built on lies,” Mr Bandt said.

“The report shows that the so-called ‘renewables problem’ the government’s NEG policy is seeking to fix is built on a fiction that recent investments in renewables require more storage to work.”

“This is further evidence of why COAG should reject the government’s National Energy Guarantee this Friday and put in place a real national climate and energy plan.”

“I have spent the last week in Bonn at the global climate negotiations. While other world leaders released a plan to get out of coal, Josh Frydenberg was hanging with Trump’s coal-huggers.”

“The new Finkel report also shows that Australia is missing in action on the solar fuels export market that is just taking off. With effectively more sun than any other country, we should be investing in solar and exporting it to the world as solar fuels, such as hydrogen.”

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