Modelling confirms NEG sabotages renewables

Modelling confirms NEG sabotages renewables

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that the latest modelling for the proposed ‘National Energy Guarantee’ confirms that the NEG sabotages investment in renewables.

“This modelling shows that the ‘NEG’ would come in like a wrecking ball to smash investment in renewables,” said Mr Bandt.

“According to the modelling, the NEG will only add an extra 1% of renewable capacity to 2030 compared with doing nothing at all.

“The modelling even shows that the potential cost savings for households are mostly delivered by renewable energy through the existing Renewable Energy Target.

“The NEG is a policy drawn up by climate denying coal-huggers. It is economic and climate vandalism that is designed to placate the Trumps on the backbench by strangling investment in renewables.

“I urge the states to unequivocally reject it at COAG this Friday.”

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