<1>Greens policy for electricity price reregulation proves popular as ALP & LNP join to oppose it: Bandt

Greens policy for electricity price reregulation proves popular as ALP & LNP join to oppose it: Bandt

Greens climate and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP has welcomed poll results published today showing 86% of voters support the Greens' policy to regulate power prices. 

He also criticised Labor and Liberal for today opposing moves in the Senate to reregulate power prices, even though Labor in Victoria and NSW appear to be moving towards reregulating power prices.

The Guardian Essential poll published today also found 81% support for more investment in renewable energy and storage.

Last month the Greens also called on the Turnbull government to either force states to reregulate retail electricity prices or to put in place Commonwealth regulation of power prices.

Comment from Adam Bandt MP:

“It is not surprising that there is strong support for the Greens' policy to reregulate electricity prices. The public wants real action but Labor and Liberal are standing in the way.

“Government spin about keeping dirty, old power stations open clearly won’t wash.

"People want more investment in renewables and they want prices regulated, both Greens policies that Labor and Liberal oppose.

“Malcolm Turnbull needs to end the Canberra kabuki play over coal and work with the energy sector on investment in new clean generation.   

Poll results can be found here:

The motion moved in the Senate today and opposed by Labor and Coalition read:

The Senate;

(a) Notes the significant increase in retail electricity prices in recent years;

(b) Notes that privatisation has had negative consequences in the electricity sector;

(c) Notes that price rises have been much higher in States where retail electricity prices have been deregulated;

(d) Is concerned that in deregulated states like Victoria, retail profit margins alone can account for up to 30% of a household's electricity bills;

(e) Considers that electricity is an essential service that should be run in the public

interest; and

(f) Supports the reregulation of retail electricity prices.

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