<1>Government confirms climate accounting trick as pollution continues to rise: Greens
Government confirms climate accounting trick as pollution continues to rise: Greens

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said that the latest emissions projections report, released today, confirms the government intends to cook the books on climate to halve its measly targets.

Mr Bandt called on Labor to rule out using dodgy accounting tricks to meet their emissions reduction commitments.
"Today the government quietly tried to take out the trash that shows how they're planning to cook the books on climate change," said Mr Bandt.

"So far, the government’s only plan to meet Paris appears to be using dodgy accounting to cook the books and count dodgy ‘carryover’ credits from Kyoto towards Paris.

"Because they can't reduce emissions, the government is resorting to dodgy accounting to meet our measly Paris targets.
"We expect a government of climate deniers to use dirty tricks to shirk their climate responsibilities, but not Labor.
"Other major countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany voluntarily cancelled their Kyoto carryover credits. 
"Instead of shaping up to profit from climate denialism, Labor needs to show some spine and do the same.
"We're one of the worst polluters in the world. Instead of trying to wriggle out of our climate commitments and inhibiting coordinated global action to reduce emissions, we should be leading the way and encouraging other countries to follow.

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