We can afford to pay our public servants fairly: Greens

Deputy Greens Leader and spokesperson on Finance, Employment and Workplace Relations Adam Bandt MP today responded to Tony Abbott’s claims that we can’t afford to increase wages of our public servants in line with inflation.

“Tony Abbott says we can’t afford for public servants’ wages to keep pace with increases in the cost of living. This would see cuts to their real wages in coming years,” said Mr Bandt.

“By making life less affordable for our public servants, we risk talented and hardworking Australians moving out of the service. The reality is we can afford to pay them fairly.”

“Instead of hitting our public servants, we should balance the budget by cutting subsidies to the big banks.”

“Last week, we heard that ANZ posted record high profits, and today we heard that the Commonwealth Bank is on track to beat its record full-year profits. The big four can clearly afford it.”

“A public support levy on the big four banks would raise $11bn for the Budget. ”