Medical research at risk from Abbott’s tin ear

Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson on science and research Adam Bandt MP today said that medical research is at risk from Tony Abbott’s arrogance and internal Liberal divisions.

“Internal party tensions and Tony Abbott’s refusal to listen to the parliament is putting the medical research fund at risk,” Mr Bandt said.

Reports emerged today that a government backbench committee has vetoed legislation to establish the medical research fund.

“The public, the parliament and now even the Liberal backbench all want a different approach from the Abbott government.”

“If Tony Abbott doesn’t change direction and simply continues to push his unfair Budget, it may mean the medical research fund never sees the light of day.”

“Tony Abbott’s tin ear may see the government end the year insisting on the GP payment and higher university fees but not the medical research fund.”

“So far, all that Tony Abbott has done for Australian research, science and innovation since being elected is to cut it to a 30-year low.”

“It’s time for a Plan B to establish the medical research fund.”

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