After Sydney tragedy political rivals unite to declare #weridetogether

Federal MPs Craig Laundy (Liberal), Terri Butler (ALP), Adam Bandt (Greens) and Zhenya "Dio" Wang (PUP) as well as ACTU President Ged Kearney may hold a range of political opinions, but they share a simple message: racism and hate have no place in Australian politics, or Australian life.

These leaders from across the political spectrum share the desire of all Australians to affirm the value of inclusion following the Sydney siege tragedy.

Of diverse belief, they stand together against hatred and are calling on their colleagues and supporters to join them by declaring #weridetogether.

Their shared message is: "We have been inspired by the Australians who have taken action in the #illridewithyou movement; we are humbled by the common humanity demonstrated by Australians in the wake of the Sydney tragedy. It inspires the world."

Organic actions taken by ordinary citizens began with the "#illridewithyou" twitter campaign, volunteering companionship to those in religious attire who felt vulnerable to racist attacks on public transport. Across the country, Australians have been handing out self-produced #illridewithyou stickers and badges to spread the message of inclusion and community support.

The five leaders from across the country encourage Australians of all beliefs and backgrounds to continue to stand up and speak out in celebration of community diversity.

They encourage both their friends and rivals to endorse ongoing opposition to racism through the #weridetogether hashtag.

Support for this statement has been facilitated by South Australian pastor Brad Chilcott & writer Van Badham and has the endorsement of leaders in the Australian Muslim community.

An independent #illridewithyou action will be taken by local Melbourne activists at 4:30 pm at Flinders St, distributing branded badges through peak hour. Organiser Stephanie Speirs' number is 0435 757 407.