Greens urge review to focus on Australian gun laws

Following conflicting reports that the perpetrator of the Sydney Siege may have had a licensed firearm, Acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt said the Prime Minister is right to launch a review into the adequacy of our gun laws but the review must avoid becoming an excuse to attack refugees.

"The Greens have been saying for a long time that our gun laws need to be stronger. The tragic events in Sydney earlier this week only strengthens the case for better gun control," said Mr Bandt.

"This review must provide us with clear answers to how someone who had mental health issues and was charged with accessory to murder got hold of a gun.

"In the wake of the Port Arthur massacre, John Howard did the right thing and tightened the country's gun laws. Tony Abbott must learn from his political mentor and take the review as an opportunity to strengthen our gun laws."

"We are concerned that Mr Abbott's review may be used to justify further attacks on asylum seekers rather than restricting the availability of guns in our community."

"No doubt the gun lobby will try and argue that Australia needs weaker gun laws. In Victoria, we have already had the appalling spectacle of a newly elected upper house MP saying the events in Sydney showed that gun laws need to be weakened, and now Senator Leyonhjelm has said that this wouldn't have happened in Texas."

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