Abbott’s Border Farce comes to – then leaves – Melbourne

Greens Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt MP today celebrated the cancelling of the Australian Border Force’s Operation Fortitude set to take place in Melbourne this weekend and said the bungle was just another sign of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s incompetence.

“Melbourne has run Tony Abbott's ugly politics out of town,” Mr Bandt said.

“Operation Border Farce came to our city and was just as quickly shown the door."

"This morning we heard that the Border Force planned to station their officers around the CBD and ask questions of any individual they cross paths with, demanding to see people's papers.”

“This was extremely concerning and threatened Melbourne's reputation as a welcoming city.”

“But within hours, Melburnians came together and stood up to Tony Abbott and his politics of division.”

“The community has sent the message that Melbourne is not a place where a government officer can stop you in the street and demand to see your papers because you’re suspected of being a foreigner.”

Greens immigration spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said: "Operation Border Farce is clearly in full swing under the Abbott government.

"This shows that the Australian people aren't willing to put up with Tony Abbott's divisive political stunts anymore.”

"The government’s eagerness to militarise the immigration department in its ongoing war against foreigners is reckless."

Media contacts:

Adam Bandt MP – Adam Pulford, 0429 109 054
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young – Noah Schultz-Byard, 0427 604 760