Abbott must put Royal Commission out of its misery: Bandt

Greens industrial relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today called on the Prime Minister to terminate the Trade Union Royal Commission following Dyson Heydon’s decision to stay on as the head of the TURC. Mr Bandt said that if the Prime Minister insists on continuing an inquiry, he must open up any new appointment and terms of reference to the Parliament.

“Agreeing to attend a Liberal fundraiser doesn’t pass the pub test. The Commissioner deciding himself that he’s not biased won’t change that,” Mr Bandt said.

“To make matters worse, it seems the Commission didn’t release documents about the fundraiser in a timely manner.”

“The Commission’s work will forever be tarnished and instead of waiting for further legal action, Tony Abbott should step in and bring it to an end.”

“If a judge agreed to attend a fundraiser for the prosecution, there would be a mistrial.”

“If Tony Abbott insists on continuing his inquiry, Parliament should have the final say over any new Commissioner and any new terms of reference.”

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