Low economic growth suggests Abbott is killing the new economy: Bandt

Greens Treasury spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said the low economic growth figures released today suggest that Prime Minister Tony Abbott is killing the new economy.

“It’s no wonder we’re seeing these kind of growth figures with the backwards-looking Abbott and Hockey at the helm,” Mr Bandt said.

“The Abbott government has no plan to grow the clean economy as the mining investment boom recedes.”

“The government is stuck in austerity mode, with record low spending on science, money pulled out of new public transport projects and the axe taken to renewables.”

“The Abbott government is killing the new economy with his attacks on the very industries that could grow the economy in the twenty-first century, like solar and science.”

“Government spending on science & research is the lowest since records started 30 years ago and Tony Abbott is on a mission to kill solar businesses.”

“The Greens want to turn these figures around by growing the clean economy, which means more investment in solar, science and innovation.”

Media contact: Adam Pulford, 0429 109 054