Time for Hockey to change tack on Budget: Bandt

In response to the Parliamentary Budget Office’s update on the impact of the government’s unlegislated measures on the Budget, Greens Treasury spokesperson today said that it’s time for Joe Hockey to change tack by ditching his unfair attacks on everyday Australians. Mr Bandt said to address the revenue crisis that Australia is facing, the Treasurer should end unfair tax breaks like super concessions and negative gearing.

“The PBO update confirms that Joe Hockey needs to change tack if he insists on balancing the Budget,” Mr Bandt said.

“Joe Hockey can either raise $18.1 billion unfairly over the Forward Estimates with his rejected Budget measures, or raise $106 billion fairly through measures like axing unfair tax breaks and asking the big banks to pay more.”

“The Senate has rightly refused to go along with the Abbott government’s attempts to cut support for the young, the old, the sick and the poor and make Australians pay more to go to uni.”

“Not only is Joe Hockey pushing ahead with this unfair agenda, he’s also planning to cut revenue by another $25 billion over the next four years with his income tax cuts.”

“The Greens have a plan to end unfair tax breaks and raise desperately needed revenue from the big end of town that would bring in over $106 billion over the Forward Estimates.”

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