Weekend rates are a right, not a private school privilege: Greens

Greens workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that weekend rates are a right, not a privilege for private school fees, and Labor linking the two is a losing strategy.

“Forget about private school, without weekend rates many people couldn’t pay the rent,” Mr Bandt said.

“With youth allowance so low and housing costs so high, many young people rely on weekend and penalty rates to pay the rent, stay in study and have enough to eat.”

“Every parent should have the right to send their children to a well-funded school without having to work unsociable hours.”

“We need well-funded public schools and well-paid workers.”

“Going down the path of privilege is a losing strategy for Labor.”

“If we start linking weekend rates to private schools, then we’ve lost the argument.”

Media contact: Adam Pulford, 0429 109 054