Turnbull’s weasel words on coal risk him becoming climate change coward

As the Paris climate talks loom, Malcolm Turnbull’s late night backtracking on a commitment he gave to Parliament risks him turning into a climate change coward, said Greens energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP.

In Question Time last month, Greens MP Adam Bandt asked the Prime Minister how much pollution will be generated from the coal in the Carmichael mine approved by his government. The Prime Minister responded: “I will do the calculation and let him know”. In Question Time yesterday, Mr Bandt followed up his question and the PM repeated the same answer.

However, late last night the Prime Minister tabled his answer in Parliament that said “it is not possible to accurately determine the actual emissions from the coal produced from the Adani project.”

In response, Mr Bandt called for the Prime Minister to come clean on coal.

“Malcolm Turnbull must stop hiding the facts from the Australian people and tell Parliament how much pollution will be generated from Carmichael coal mine that his government approved,” Mr Bandt said.

“Malcolm Turnbull now runs the risk of going to Paris as a climate change coward.”

“Malcolm Turnbull has reneged on a clear commitment he gave to the House, presumably because he’s embarrassed to be going to Paris having approved a coal mine that will create more pollution than the entire European Union does in a year.”

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, said:

“If it can get any finance, the Adani Carmichael coal mine is set to create 100 times more carbon pollution than the latest Direct Action auction just avoided.”

“This climate disaster is a major backward step on global gains in pollution reduction and the rest of the world, especially our Pacific neighbours, will be shaking their heads in dismay at the Turnbull Government.”

A full copy of the Prime Minister’s response to Mr Bandt’s can be viewed here.

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Senator Larissa Waters – Monique Vandeleur 0419 626 725