Turnbull should follow California as they go for 70 per cent renewables by 2030

Greens Energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the recent decision by California to increase renewable energy to 70% over the next fifteen years reinforces the Greens’ decision to push 90% renewables in Australia.

Last month Californian Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill to increase new renewables to 50% by 2030, on top of existing renewable production of approximately 20%. California is the world’s eighth biggest economy.

“The race to become the world’s new energy super power has well and truly started. California is streaking ahead while Australia is languishing at the back of the pack,” Mr Bandt said.

“If California can get to 70 per cent renewables, Australia with all our additional renewable resources can get to 90 per cent.”

“This is why the Greens’ RenewAustralia plan to power our new economy is so critical and why the government needs to get on board.”

“Malcolm Turnbull should meet with Governor Jerry Brown while he is in Paris and learn from someone with real courage and a real commitment to innovation.”

The Greens released the RenewAustralia policy last Sunday outlining a plan to turn Australia into a new energy superpower and transition our energy mix to 90% renewables by 2030. You can download the policy here.

Media contact: Adam Pulford, 0429 109 054