Unemployment rises as Morrison stalls

Greens Treasury spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said unemployment figures released today showing joblessness rising to 6 per cent, coupled with Treasurer Scott Morrison’s visionless accounting lecture yesterday, should ring alarm bells.

“Unemployment rising to 6 per cent coupled with Treasurer Scott Morrison’s visionless rambling yesterday should ring alarm bells for everyone who wants a secure and meaningful job,” Mr Bandt said.

“Yesterday the Treasurer promised a vision for supporting people in a transitioning economy but all we got was a bad accounting lecture.”

"Stripped of its sloganeering, Scott Morrison's speech boiled down to this: mining investment isn't what it once was, the rest of the economy isn't growing as much as we'd like, we're not sure what will step up to take mining sector's place but the government's plan is to cut future spending on science and education."

"Under this government's watch, Australia risks waking up in 15 years' time to find were a hollowed-out uneducated quarry."

“To grow jobs and the new economy, we must redirect subsidies from fossil fuels, big mining and property speculation into clean energy, science, research and education."

“In this supposed ‘debate’ on tax reform, Scott Morrison and the government have put no proposals on the table. Instead they’ve run it by smoke signal through leaks to the media. Distressingly Scott Morrison has committed to continuing these tactics as the debate goes forward.”

"The Greens have proposed $38 billion of savings, including cutting the diesel fuel rebate to big miners, to address the country's revenue crisis and bring in much-needed funding for education, science, research and innovation."

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