Labor must rule out dirty preference deal with Liberals

Greens MP Adam Bandt today called on Labor to rule out preferencing the Liberals as part of a deal designed to stop the election of Greens and Nick Xenophon candidates.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Labor is doing a preference deal with the Liberals,” Mr Bandt said.

“Labor will preference Christopher Pyne and other Liberals at risk from Xenophon candidates in return for the Liberals preferencing Anthony Albanese and David Feeney in seats at risk from the Greens.”

“It seems that Labor is more interested in saving Anthony Albanese’s and David Feeney’s skin than preventing the return of a Liberal government.”

“The purpose of Anthony Albanese’s confected outrage about a few Green open tickets is now clear. It was a smokescreen to cover this Liberal-Labor deal designed to save his own skin.”

“The Greens will not preference the Liberals anywhere but if this deal goes ahead, Labor will be preferencing the Liberals in a number of seats.”

“I am sure that union members, Labor supporters and voters across the country will be outraged that Labor will preference the Liberals.”

“I am calling on Bill Shorten to repudiate any such deal and give a guarantee that Labor will not be preferencing the Liberals anywhere.”

“If Bill Shorten refuses to rule this deal out, his phones will run hot because Labor supporters will not stand for their preferences going to the Liberals.”

“In a tight election, Labor preferencing the Liberals could hand government to Malcolm Turnbull.”

Media contact: Adam Pulford, 0429 109 054