Greens revenue measures would bring in over 17 times more money than old parties’

Greens Treasury spokesperson Adam Bandt today said that if the Coalition and Labor are serious about raising the revenue we desperately need for our schools, hospitals and infrastructure, they would get behind the Greens’ revenue measures that would bring in almost $140 billion over revenue over the forward estimates. This is more than 17 times the amount of revenue of Labor’s measures and more than 21 times that of the Coalition.

Some of the Greens’ revenue measures Labor already claims to support, including scrapping the Emissions Reduction Fund and supporting Worldwide Gearing Ratio to help address multinational tax avoidance.

“Australia is facing a revenue crisis and the Coalition and Labor are squabbling over measures that would bring in less than $10 billion over four years,” Mr Bandt said.

“After the tens of billions of dollars cut from our schools and hospitals, we must bring in much more revenue than either of the old parties are proposing to properly fund our schools, hospitals and infrastructure.”

“In fact we’re seeing the Coalition and Labor working together to cut a billion dollars out of clean energy through cuts to ARENA or a billion dollars through cuts to welfare, instead of tackling the unfair tax breaks that go towards propping up the fossil fuel industry or straight into the pockets of the very wealthy.”

“The Greens’ plan will raise $140 billion in much-needed revenue fairly by raising revenue off the very wealthy, not the poor, while also tackling climate change.”

“It’s time for both the Coalition and Labor to back the Greens’ plan.”

Media contact: Adam Pulford, 0429 109 054