Cross-party marriage equality bill introduced into Parliament

Greens MP Adam Bandt today introduced the cross-party marriage equality bill into the House of Representatives. The bill is co-sponsored by Mr Bandt and independent MPs Andrew Wilkie and Cathy McGowan and is the same text as the cross-party bill introduced into the last Parliament by backbench Liberal and Labor MPs, as well as Mr Bandt and the independents.

During his introductory speech, Mr Bandt called on Liberal and Labor MPs to work together to achieve marriage equality by again joining as co-sponsors for the bill.

“Love is love is love. The love, bond and depth of a partnership between two people is equal, regardless of their genders,” Mr Bandt said.

“Now that the bigots’ plan for a wasteful and divisive plebiscite looks set to fail in the Senate, Malcolm Turnbull needs a Plan B to achieve marriage equality. This cross-party bill is the Plan B.”

“In the end, love will win. The question is how long we force loving couples to wait, how long we force LGBTIQ people to be less equal and have fewer rights than everyone else.”

“If we all work together across the political spectrum, we have a real chance to pass marriage equality through Parliament sooner rather than later, without a divisive and wasteful plebiscite. If we all work together, wedding bells could be sounding before Christmas this year.”

“At the end of the day, what matters is that marriage equality is passed.”

“Let us use this place for what it is meant for. Let us take a stand for equality and do something that matters to so many Australians. Let us open up our arms and hearts for love.”

You can watch Mr Bandt’s speech in full here.

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