Bolt’s global warming denial about floods is dangerous: Bandt

Claims that the Victorian floods prove global warming is a hoax being made by Andrew Bolt and others are dangerously delusional, Australian Greens Climate and Energy spokesperson Adam Bandt said today.

Mr Bandt said the worst September deluge in parts of Western Victoria in a century are consistent with climate change science which has warned that extreme weather events will become worse.

“Andrew Bolt is dangerously delusional about climate change,” Mr Bandt said.

“Global warming means more intense heatwaves and droughts, more intense bushfires but also heavier rainfall events and flooding.”

“As climate change intensifies we will face worse floods like we are experiencing right now in my state of Victoria, because a warmer atmosphere carries more water vapour and results in heavier downpours.”

“The floods reinforce again why we need to rapidly phase out dirty coal-fired power stations such as Australia’s dirtiest Hazelwood that are contributing to worsening climate change.”

“Our leaders have a responsibility to protect Australians and lead the emergency effort during extreme circumstances like the flood, but they also have a responsibility to protect Australians through preventing worse floods in the future by taking emergency action to cut coal pollution.”

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