Coalition doing bugger all to plan for coal closure: Bandt

Following yesterday's announcement that Hazelwood coal-fired power station will close early next year and see hundreds of workers lose their jobs, Greens Energy & Climate Change spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the Coalition is responsible for job losses because it has refused to develop a plan for workers and communities. The Greens will push forward with their Renew Australia plan to legislate for the orderly retirement of coal-fired power stations and set up a $1 billion fund for re-training and creating new jobs for affected workers.

“The Coalition is doing sweet bugger all to plan for an orderly phase out of coal," said Mr Bandt.

"Malcolm Turnbull bears responsibility for every worker who doesn't have secure job to go to."

"Malcolm Turnbull seems to think 'plan' is just another four-letter word."

"We've known for some time that change is coming, but Malcolm Turnbull's only response has been to insist that coal has a future."

"Hazelwood's impending closure is the clearest sign yet that coal is over but the government has no plan for an orderly transition, leaving the fate of workers and the Latrobe Valley community to be decided in the boardrooms of multinationals in France and Japan."

"The Coalition is leaving Australia's energy transition and the fate of coal communities to the chaos of the market."

“The Greens have a national plan to phase out coal-fired power stations so workers, affected communities and clean energy investors can plan for the future.”

"I will introduce a bill into Parliament to get our plan into action and I call on both the Coalition and Labor to get behind our plan."

Mr Bandt will introduce a bill into Parliament to implement the Greens' Renew Australia plan in coming weeks. On Wednesday 10th November, the first hearings will also take place in Canberra of the Senate's Environment Committee inquiry into the orderly closure of coal fired power stations.

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