Paris ratification welcome, Turnbull must take climate fight up to President-elect Trump: Bandt

Greens Climate Change & Energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today welcomed the Australian government’s ratification of the Paris climate agreement and called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to now take up the fight for real action on dangerous global warming to US President-elect Donald Trump. Mr Bandt warned that the Trump presidency is a direct threat to the Australian way of life given Trump’s energy & climate policies.

“The Trump presidency is a direct threat to the Australian way of life as it makes it harder to stop runaway global warming,” Mr Bandt said.

“When faced with a hostile Congress, President Obama took steps to tackle climate change using his executive powers, but Trump has threatened to repeal all of Obama’s actions.”

"It is welcome news that the Australian government has finally ratified the Paris Agreement and now it must take up the fight to Donald Trump, who is threatening to rip it up."

“Fortunately, the Paris agreement will likely remain in force and continue to bind the US for a number of years.”

“But if Trump goes through with his pre-election promises, countries like Australia will have to do much more of the heavy lifting to keep global warming below the 2 degree guardrail enshrined in the Paris deal.”

“Trump has started a climate war in the United States and if he carries out his threats, there will be a rise in civil disobedience as people start taking direct action to stop new gas and oil developments in particular.”

"According to reports Trump is also planning to appoint Myron Ebell, a climate denier, to head up the Environmental Protection Agency, which is a key part of the Obama strategy."

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