Matt Canavan a fake Minister: Bandt

Responding to the Minister for Resources’s attack on the ABC, Greens Climate Change and Energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today described Matt Canavan as a fake Minister for Resources.

In an interview with the ABC today about the financial scandal surrounding the Adani company, Matt Canavan accused the ABC of reporting “fake news”.

“The Minister for Resources is actually the Minister for Adani. Matt Canavan is the fake and he should be ashamed of himself,” Mr Bandt said.

“Confronted with legitimate questions about Adani’s questionable financial arrangements and their investigation by Indian authorities, the best the Minister can do is abuse the public broadcaster.”

“The Adani scandal revealed by the ABC today is another clear reason why the Minister and the government should not be considering handing over $1 billion of public money to fund Australia’s biggest coal mine.”

“This unbankable mine will be a disaster for the climate. The only one peddling fake stories is the Minister.”

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