AEMO report shows gas can't handle the heat

The Australian Energy Market Operator’s report into the SA blackout last year released late this afternoon shows that gas can’t handle the heat, Greens Energy & Climate Change spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said.

“The AEMO report released today shows that when the heat was on, gas went missing in action,” Mr Bandt said.

“The report suggests that one of the gas generators in South Australia failed to operate to its full capacity because it was too hot and others became unavailable without detailed explanation. The report suggests that over 400 MW of gas was either sitting idle or unavailable.”

“If gas in South Australia can't perform during a heatwave, then we need to replace with something that can, like solar and storage.”

“More solar power and storage would help ride out times where demand is high but gas and wind are unavailable.”

“We know that solar won't fail when the sun beats down during a heatwave, it'll thrive.”

“The report also revealed that, for reasons that are still unknown, the SA network blacked out more homes than was necessary.”

“This is a wake-up call for Malcolm Turnbull that our national energy system is broken and that we must rip up the rules and start again so that more solar, batteries and storage are brought into the system.”

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