Greens demand Labor stop public housing hand-off

Victorian Labor must not hand over 4,000 public housing properties to third parties, said Greens MP Adam Bandt, whose electorate of Melbourne has more public housing than any other in the country.

“We need more public housing, not less,” Mr Bandt said.

“Community housing is an important part of Melbourne’s housing mix, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of public housing.”

“Public housing is under attack. The Federal Coalition is slashing housing funding while Victorian Labor is handing away public housing homes.”

“Victorian Labor has sat on its hands since being elected while people in need are waiting for years for a secure home.”

“There was a time long ago when the Labor party believed in building public assets like public housing, but it seems they are now just following the Liberals’ privatisation agenda.”

“Only the Greens have a plan to tackle Melbourne’s housing crisis, make housing more affordable and invest in public housing.”

“If the Labor party continues to take public housing residents for granted, they stand to lose several inner city seats at the next Victorian election.”

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