Penalty rate cuts is Turnbull’s WorkChoices moment: Bandt

Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today called on the government to step in and fix the unfair decision to cut people’s penalty rates, rejecting the idea of creating two classes of workers by ‘grandfathering’ the cut.

“Tony Abbott’s Employment Minister has belled the cat. This is Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘WorkChoices’ moment,” Mr Bandt said.

“It is now clear the government has the power to step in and fix this unfair decision and the question is whether they will do so.”

“Fronting up to the Fair Work Commission to make a submission that penalty rates should be grandfathered is not just too little too late, but it’s also unfair.

“Two people working side by side making the same hamburgers for the same customers shouldn’t be paid different rates of pay.”

“This is a bad decision and the government has now admitted it. If the decision isn’t stopped, young people will have less money in their pocket to pay the rent.”

“The Greens said prior to the election that there are problems with our Fair Work Act if young people can end up with a pay cut.”

“We called for that loophole to be closed then and we’ve got legislation before Parliament to fix it now.”

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