Gas swap craziness isn’t a national plan

Gas swap craziness isn’t a national plan

The Greens spokesperson for energy, Adam Bandt MP, today said that the Australian Industry Group’s (AI Group) call for ‘gas swaps’ – that has been backed by the Labor party – is a crazy approach showing just how far energy policy in this country has deteriorated.

“When Australia produces more gas than we use, the idea of buying gas from other countries to deal with skyrocketing prices shows just how far energy policy has deteriorated,” said Mr. Bandt.

“The old parties still have no national energy plan, as this latest desperate idea demonstrates.

“This proposal is just a desperate attempt to try and fill the energy policy void that’s been left by this government. It’s another reason why the government needs to adopt The Greens’ proposal for an independent authority to manage the energy transition.

“An independent national authority could shift business and households to clean and plentiful energy while keeping prices down.

“Gas isn’t the answer to industry’s woes and no amount of wishful thinking from Labor, Liberal or the AIG will make it so.”

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