Bandt introduces two bills to stop coal mining

Bandt introduces two bills to stop coal mining

Greens Co-Deputy Leader and climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today introduced two private member’s bills into the House of Representatives that lay down a challenge to the old parties on the mining and export of thermal coal. The first would prohibit the mining of thermal coal in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, effectively outlawing the Adani mine, and the second would phase out the export of thermal coal entirely by 2030.

“As a country, we haven’t opened a new coal basin in 50 years and now’s not the time to start,” said Mr Bandt.

“The emissions from exported Australian coal exceed Australia’s domestic emissions. We cannot continue to profit off coal that is making global warming worse.

“It disgusts me that as Australia is simultaneously sweltering, drowning and burning, the old parties are even entertaining the prospect of new coal mines.

“The science demands that we stop burning coal. As the second largest thermal coal exporter in the world, Australia needs to act.

“It’s time to export sunlight, not coal. If Labor and Liberal cut their addiction to coal mining, we could start transitioning out of this dirty industry and towards the clean, cheap and promising export market of the future: renewable energy.”

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