Bandt Slams Parliamentary Friends of Coal Exports


Greens Deputy Leader and climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today rejected the invitation from Craig Kelly and Joel Fitzgibbon to join the Parliamentary Friends of Australian Coal Exports for the 46th Parliament.
Mr. Bandt said that Craig Kelly and Joel Fitzgibbon should stop peddling lies to the coal export industry and instead acknowledge the truth about the future of coal exports and support coal workers and communities through the planned and rapid phase out of coal.
“Labor and Liberal are on a unity ticket on coal.” said Mr Bandt.
“We are in a climate emergency and governments around the world are recognising it. Thermal coal exports need to be phased out by 2030 and we need to urgently support coal workers and communities during the transition.”

“Parliament should be supporting a transition plan for coal workers as we phase out thermal coal exports.
“If Anthony Albanese is serious about fighting climate change and supporting coal communities, he should instruct his party room to boycott this group.
“Richard Marles was right when he said the global market for thermal coal has collapsed. Labor should be focusing on a plan to phase out coalmining in Australia so the industry can transition in an orderly and just way, rather than teaming up with climate-denying Craig Kelly on political stunts.”