What has the PM got to hide?


Greens MP Adam Bandt commenting on the PM and the Crown Scandal said today:
"Yesterday, the PM said he had no information his Ministers had done anything wrong, despite reports two Ministers pressured the Home Affairs department on behalf of Crown.
"This morning the Attorney General referred the Crown visa scandal to the ACLEI, but that body can’t investigate Ministers and former Ministers, especially regarding the Prime Minister’s statement of ministerial standards.
"This afternoon in Question Time, the Prime Minister refused to answer my questions about whether he had satisfied himself his Ministers had done nothing wrong, handballing it to the Attorney-General.
"What has the Prime Minister got to hide? Only the Prime Minister can enforce his Ministerial standards, but it appears his approach is ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.
"Meanwhile the Labor opposition is missing in action, not asking one question about the scandal and joining with the government to vote down a Parliamentary inquiry which could have investigated Ministers and former Ministers.
"Liberal and Labor are running a protection racket for Ministers and former Ministers with connections to Crown casino."