Real fuel security means decarbonising our economy: Bandt


Greens energy spokesperson Adam Bandt has responded to the announcement that Australia is looking to access millions of barrels of oil from the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
“If we want to take real action on fuel security, we need to look past fossil fuels and instead get serious about embracing electric vehicles,” said Mr Bandt.
“Instead of acting to drive the shift to electric vehicles, the government spent the last election running a scare campaign.”
“Just like its failure to act on climate change, the government’s continued failure on fuel is threatening Australia’s security.”
“The only way to ensure long term energy transport security for Australia is to decarbonise our economy with investment in electric vehicles and zero carbon public transport, like high speed rail.”
“The Greens have a plan to ensure 100% of new passenger vehicles are electric by 2030.” 

Media Contacts:
BANDT - Fiona Canny; 0429 109 054