Greens will move to block government funding of Liddell coal-fired power station: Bandt


Following Energy Minister Angus Taylor’s announcement of a taskforce to consider propping up the Liddell coal-fired power station, Greens climate change and energy spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, has vowed the Greens will block any public money being used to keep the coal-fired power station open longer. The station is scheduled for closure in 2022/23, but Minister Taylor this morning refused to rule out using public money to support Liddell and keep it open longer.
“The coal-loving bullies in the government are slowing down the transition to renewables,” said Mr Bandt.
“Angus Taylor has refused to rule out using public money to extend the life of an ageing and decrepit coal fired power station.”
“If Angus Taylor wants to drive down prices and do his job as the supposed ‘Emissions Reduction Minister’, he must stop his meddling in AGL and instead support a just transition to renewables.”  
“The Greens’ Coal Fired Power Funding Prohibition Bill will block any taxpayer money going to Minister Taylor’s crazy coal crusade.”
“These power stations are clapped out, unreliable and increasingly broken steam engines. We need investment in new, clean generation like wind and solar and a grid to support, them not the propping up of last century’s clunkers.”

Media Contacts:
BANDT - Fiona Canny; 0429 109 054