Morrison's 'coal shoulder' to Pacific won't work on world stage: Bandt

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, has responded to the final communique from the Pacific Island Forum, warning Scott Morrison that his bully-boy act of giving the Pacific the coal shoulder won’t work when Australia fronts the UN global climate summit in New York next month.
“Prime Minister Scott Morrison may have shouldered coal off the Pacific Islands’ Forum agenda, but his bully boy tactics won’t work on the world stage,” said Mr Bandt.
“Scott Morrison has demonstrated that he is the biggest enemy the Pacific has ever had.
“When your neighbour’s house is on fire you help them put it out, you don’t throw petrol on it.
“No wonder the Pacific is looking towards China. Australia’s addiction to coal is jeopardising our neighbours in the Pacific and is undermining our working relationship with them.
“This week, not only has Scott Morrison refused to commit to phasing out coal, he has bullied and bribed his way to ensuring the final communique is weaker on climate than the science requires and makes no mention of coal.
“Scott Morrison had to grudgingly concede some reference to the science in the final communique, but all week he made it clear he’d rather burn more coal and send his co-signatories’ countries underwater.
 “Already more than 20,000 Australians have added their voice to our campaign calling for Parliament to declare a climate emergency. Parliament needs to shake some sense into this government, and that starts by telling the truth.
“Pacific leaders are facing the climate crisis every day. They live the extreme reality of the emergency we all face, yet Scott Morrison refuses to accept and declare a climate emergency.”

Media Contacts:
BANDT - Fiona Canny; 0429 109 054