Greens now only opposition to Liberals on climate change: Bandt


Greens climate change spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, has responded to The Australia Institute report which highlights Australia’s role as a global pollution leader, as well as recent statements from Liberals and Labor endorsing coal and refusing to sign the Pacific Islands statement, saying the Greens are now the only party willing to take on the coal mafia and protect our way of life.  
“The Arctic is burning and Australia is in record drought, yet Labor has backed the Liberals on coal,” said Mr Bandt.
“If Labor isn’t going to take the fight up to this government of climate criminals, they should get out of the way and the let the Greens be the real opposition.
“Last week, Scott Morrison bullied and bribed his way out of any meaningful climate commitment but Labor then backed his refusal to sign the Pacific Islands statement on coal.
“As hundreds of thousands of people take to the street in September ahead of the United Nations climate meeting, the pressure will grow on Labor and Liberal to shift on coal.
“Coal is a leading cause of climate change. Recent research highlights that Australia is the third biggest exporter of coal and ranks fifth for responsibility for carbon emissions from fossil fuels.  
“Shamefully, when it comes to pollution, Australia punches well above its weight.
“If you don’t have a plan to phase out coal you don’t have a plan to tackle climate change.”

Media Contacts:
BANDT - Fiona Canny; 0429 109 054