Scott Morrison bears some responsibility for upcoming fire season: Bandt

Greens climate change spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, has today responded to the latest Australian Season Bushfire Outlook highlighting above normal fire potential for regions across the country, warning that Scott Morrison bears some responsibility for the upcoming bushfire season.
“Scott Morrison has done everything in his power to make global warming worse and now we’re seeing the consequences of a heated planet,” said Mr Bandt.

“We’ve just been warned that record drought has delivered the driest ever January to July for the southern half of Australia.
“Combined with generally hotter temperatures, the fire season has started early and this summer the south-eastern states could be a tinderbox.
“Scott Morrison will have to explain to anyone affected by bushfires this summer why he has increased climate pollution and made Australians’ lives riskier.
“This report confirms Scott Morrison is public enemy number 1 for Australian farmers.”