Angus Taylor is the Grim Reaper for renewable energy

Angus Taylor is the Grim Reaper for renewable energy

The government’s admission that it has no renewable energy policy is a direct threat to our way of life, said Greens climate change and energy spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP.

In Question Time yesterday Mr Bandt asked Energy Minister Angus Taylor whether he would support a temporary extension of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) for the life of the next Parliament. This extension would prevent investment in renewables grinding to a halt while the next government works out a new policy. In response, Taylor said:

“The Renewable Energy Target is going to wind down from 2020, the target reaches a peak in 2020, and we will not be replacing that with anything.”

Quotes attributable to Adam Bandt MP:

“Angus Taylor is the Grim Reaper for renewable energy.

“This government is a direct threat to our way of life, because they will make climate change worse.

“Angus Taylor is worse than Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott pretended to care about renewables while attacking them, but Angus Taylor doesn’t even pretend to care.

“The Greens proposal would allow the energy industry to continue to invest in renewables, without the impending policy paralysis when the RET runs out in 2020.

“More than 70% of Australians want the government to set a high renewable energy target. [2] The Government’s policy, or lack thereof, not only goes against what the Australian people want, but it is against what industry needs to pursue renewables, what the Reserve Bank says will lower electricity prices and what the science tells us we need to do to stop runaway climate change.

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