Grattan report reveals fears of lights out under Liberals

Grattan report reveals fears of lights out under Liberals

A Grattan Institute report released today shows that unless the government comes up with a coordinated national energy plan, the lights could go out next summer. Greens spokesperson for energy and climate change, Adam Bandt MP, today said that the government has spent so much time waging war on renewables that it has forgotten to do its real job and come up with a national electricity plan.

“This report suggests that unless a sensible national plan for electricity is implemented, the stability of the system can’t be guaranteed,” said Mr. Bandt.

“The alarm bells are ringing on energy, but the government keeps hitting snooze.

“This government’s paralysis has seen the wholesale price of electricity double. But instead of coordinated action in the national interest, the government has served up meaningless, knee-jerk thought bubbles that won’t keep the lights on, cut pollution or stabilise the system.

“The report calls for urgent, clear and decisive action to solve this crisis and Malcolm Turnbull has provided no evidence to suggest that his government is capable of delivering.

“It’s time to take the politics out of dealing with electricity. The Greens’ proposal for an independent authority to manage the energy transition could shift business and households to clean and plentiful energy while keeping prices down.

“The Greens have long supported some changes recommended by the report, like shifting to a 5-minute settlement rule for the electricity market. This important reform and others like it are overdue and so is a comprehensive national plan.

“Electricity is an essential service. It’s time to stop treating energy like an ideological warzone and start running the system in the interests of the people.”

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