More coal equals more poverty, but the old parties don’t care: Bandt

More coal equals more poverty, but the old parties don’t care: Bandt

Greens spokesperson for climate change Adam Bandt MP today welcomed Oxfam’s latest report ‘More Coal Equals More Poverty’ and has reiterated The Greens’ call for the government to prohibit new coalmines and end public subsidies for coal.

“Oxfam’s report coincided with a poll showing only 7% of people want a billion dollars of public money to be used for funding the Adani Carmichael mega-coal mine,” Mr Bandt said.

“Coal kills. It’s simple. The report shows that while China and India are abandoning coal-fired power in favour of renewables, our government is clinging to coal and ignoring all the evidence that it’s a social, environmental and economic disaster.

“This report makes it clear that coal is not part of our future. The only way to secure electricity supply while avoiding the devastating consequences of climate-change on vulnerable communities is to rapidly transition to clean, reliable renewable energy.

“Climate change will hit vulnerable communities first and it will hit them hard. If this government continues to prioritise coal, it will condemn millions of people to a dangerous, uncertain future.

“Almost every day there’s another piece of evidence showing why Adani doesn’t stack up. It’s time for Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull to pull their fingers out of their ears and stop throwing lifelines to coal.”

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