Turnbull’s thespian gas showmanship won’t bring prices down: Bandt


Turnbull’s thespian gas showmanship won’t bring prices down: Bandt

Greens energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that Malcolm Turnbull’s forced announcement to impose export restrictions on gas producers won’t bring prices down.

“Intermittent announcements about gas from the Prime Minister won’t bring prices down below the high international price and do not constitute a national energy plan,” said Mr. Bandt

“Now that our east coast is locked into the global marketplace, the Prime Minister’s implication that he can magically wave his wand to bring gas prices back to low levels are a fanciful, reckless promise.

“If Malcolm Turnbull wants to solve the export crisis that his government and Labor created by boosting LNG processing plants, he needs a plan for Australian businesses and households to transition off gas so they’re no longer exposed to skyrocketing prices.

“The big gas cartel’s greed means there’s no sustainable model for gas in this country. While taxpayers and businesses pay top-dollar and get ripped off, big gas companies exploit loopholes that earn then billions in revenue without paying their fair share of taxes.

“Calls to lift moratoriums on domestic gas exploration won’t just wreck our farmland and water, but they won’t work either. Big gas will just suck the extra supply out of the market to fulfil their export contracts.

“Big gas is taking our Prime Minister for a ride and we’re nowhere near the end.

“Gas is not the answer and no amount of thespian gas showmanship from our Prime Minister will make it so.

“We need the cheap, clean and plentiful energy that renewables can offer and we need the Prime Minister to develop a plan that makes this a priority.”

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