Prime Minister’s hysteria at cyclone question reveals cognitive dissonance


Prime Minister’s hysteria at cyclone question reveals cognitive dissonance

The Greens climate change and energy spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP today said that the Prime Minister’s hysterical response to his question shows that the stress of protecting the Australian people while simultaneously threatening our way of life is starting to show.

“By spruiking more coal-fired power stations, the Prime Minister is knowingly failing to protect Australians against more intense cyclones and the stress is starting to show,” said Mr. Bandt.

“The Prime Minister is trying to deny what he knows is true and the cognitive dissonance is starting to show.

“He must know that his policies are threatening our way of life, but he so beholden to the right-wing Trumps of his party that he’s prepared to help make cyclones worse. The PM can no longer justify spruiking coal-fired power stations on Monday and watching an intense cyclone hit on Tuesday.

“Everyone, including The Greens, are thinking of people in Queensland and we are thankful for the work of our emergency services. But we want to make sure that the next cyclone isn’t more intense and violent, so we’ll continue to hold the Prime Minister to account for his failure to protect the Australian people.

“Clean coal is a myth. Coal kills and it’s time for the Prime Minister to wake up to this reality.”

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Mr. Bandt’s full question is below:

Mr. Bandt:

My question is to the Prime Minister. You recently said: 'Keeping Australians safe is our highest priority. It's the first duty of my government and, indeed, every government.' We know that burning more coal will make global warming worse. Scientists tell us it may mean fewer cyclones, but they will be more intense when they hit. But on the very day Queenslanders were preparing for Cyclone Debbie, your resources minister dropped a front-page story spruiking a new coal-fired power station in that very state, and you backed him. Given the destruction that cyclones wreak upon our country, why do you push policies like burning more coal, which will make cyclones more intense? Doesn't your duty to keep Australians safe include doing everything you can to stop cyclones becoming more violent?

You can view the full question and answer on youtube here