As Hazelwood closes, government needs to wake up: Bandt

As Hazelwood closes, government needs to wake up: Bandt

As Hazelwood prepares to close today, Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP has called on the Federal government to learn from the experience and develop a plan to support workers and communities as we shift towards renewables.

“The closure of Hazelwood has shown that the Turnbull government has been asleep at the wheel,” said Mr. Bandt.

“This government has been fumbling around in the dark when it should have supported the people of the Latrobe Valley through this transition as part of a coherent national plan.

“As we attempt to safeguard our climate and move towards renewables, we need to retire the equivalent of one Hazelwood a year.

"Hazelwood is the tenth plant to close in 8 years, but this government is more concerned with chasing One Nation votes by bankrolling new coal-fired power stations in Queensland than looking after workers in Victoria.

“The transformation towards an economy powered by renewables is inevitable. If the government digs its heels in and obstructs this shift, it is the communities around Australia that need help through the transition that will suffer.”

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