Stand against worker exploitation

Australians have been shocked by the recent reports that have exposed the rampant exploitation of workers in 7-Eleven franchises across the country.

It is wrong that people were being paid for only half of the hours they worked and not receiving penalty rates & their proper working conditions. It's doubly wrong if this was happening because they were fearful of having their visas cancelled.

Take a stand against the exploitation of vulnerable people by taking the below pledge:

I pledge not to shop at stores that have been reported to be exploiting their workers.

Too much exploitation is happening under our current system of visa and workplace laws.

And there are many more reports that suggest this kind of widespread worker exploitation doesn’t end with 7-Eleven.

In fact, Fairfax media has exposed many more examples of people working for below minimum wage and not receiving their conditions at work. These are the people they call “the workers who live in the shadows.” [1]

We must work to change the system so that companies cannot get away with this kind of rampant exploitation in future. But in the meantime, we can take a stand and let companies know that, if they're in the business of exploiting their workers, they won't be in business for long.  

[1] The workers who live in the shadows, The Age, October 5, 2015 

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