Fix mining tax not research cuts: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and industry spokesperson Adam Bandt says the Greens want to see the mining tax fixed before considering any changes to research and development tax arrangements.

Mr Bandt says the Greens will get behind the positive jobs and innovation announcements made by the government last week but not the R&D cuts linked to the plan.

“The Prime Minister is spreading misinformation about the Greens' position. The Greens will support the jobs bill because we are pro-jobs, but what we will not support are job-destroying cuts to research funding,” Mr Bandt said.

“While the Greens remain critical of subsidies to big polluters, we believe that government support for small and big business R&D is vital to the economy and jobs.”

“Less than half of the money raised from the research cuts will be spent on the jobs plan and the rest is a revenue grab by Labor because they won't stand up to the big, mining companies, who send most of their profits overseas, and fix the mining tax.”

“If Labor fixed the mining tax, we could create the jobs of an innovation-led, twenty first century Australia.”

“The Greens remain open to discussion with Labor and industry about how better to target R&D funding. However, if the government want to raise revenue, they need to fix the mining tax first.”

“We need to be increasing Australia’s total investment in R&D, not cutting it. We are trailing behind leaders in R&D in the OECD. We should be trying to get on track to 3% of GDP, not pulling back.”

“Science, research and jobs and innovation are essential to this country’s economic prosperity and jobs. That is why we support the government’s announcements on innovation but not at the expense of existing investment in R&D.”

“This is worse than a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul because the cuts to R&D are not even matched by the new spending on innovation.”

Subject to seeing the details and moving amendments to require mandated use of local content, the Greens will support the proposed Australian Jobs Bill.